About Us

Metalsplanet.com is an E-commerce vertical of Toyota Tsusho India Pvt Ltd for non-ferrous & ferrous metals, which provide an opportunity to purchase & sell material at different price options List, Bid and LME to Buyers & Sellers. Buyers have choices to buy material at desired target prices from available sellers within the agreed delivery time.

Metalsplanet.com has tied up with reputed Banks, which provide Nodal Account services to metalsplanet.com and Purchase Credit Cards to Buyers. Available limits in such credit cards is an additional credit limit with Buyers.

Metalsplanet.com provide Metal hedging function for Sellers based on MCX and LME based pricing, which minimize the risk of market price to Sellers and Buyers.

Metalsplanet.com has engagement with India's reputed logistics partners, which provide safe and secure logistics services with live tracking. It enables sellers and buyers to know the cargo's real-time location and expected arrival time at their plant.

Metalsplanet.com ensures all such cargo with India's reputed Insurance companies collected from Seller's warehouse and getting delivered at Buyer's for timely and faster claim settlement in case any claim arises.

Metalsplanet.com provide Sellers with an opportunity to create E-Invoices and E-Way bill through the metalsplanet.com and meet necessary compliances as announced by Goods & Services Tax Council ( GST) time to time.

Metalsplanet.com provide Sellers with money protection for the successful delivery of material and Buyers in case of return

Company Profile

Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited is an ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 company was established in year 1999 as a joint venture unit of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan and KSL. At present, TTIPL hosts its business operations at New Delhi, Manesar, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai, with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have set up our operations in Bangalore to implement Global Toyota’s Plan project. TTIPL acts as a steel processing and integrated Logistics service provider besides dealing with various materials about import and export for TKM and its Parts suppliers.

TTIPL believes and follows the core principles of conducting business activities as per Toyota Tsusho Corporation 3 business fields- Mobility- A business field that works towards building a convenient society for all. Life & Community- A business field that contributes to a comfortable & healthy society through services like insurance, healthcare and IT services and Resource & Environment-A business field that contributes to a sustainable society through services like Energy & Project, Rare Earth Products and Recycling.


Board of Directors

Managing Director : Mr. Yuichi Kanazawa

Deputy Managing Director : Mr. Hiroshi Yanagisawa

Director : Mr. Akira Soga