Payments, Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policy

All Sellers must accept payments, cancellations, returns, refunds and adjustments in accordance with the policies and any terms, conditions, and policies that appear on the Seller's Portal.

Collection Agent

Seller hereby appoints Metals Planet as an agent of Seller for the express purpose of receiving payments from Customers for Seller’s Materials sold on the Website. As between Seller and a Customer who purchases Products from Seller, Metals Planet’s receipt of funds from the Customer will be deemed the receipt of funds by Seller. Metals Planet shall transfer the amount collected from the Customer, less any amounts Seller owes to Metals Planet including commission and Fulfilment Service Fees to Seller using the processes and under the timing set forth in the Policies

Seller’s Obligations

The Seller shall be responsible for processing all Customer cancellations, returns, refunds and/or customer service price adjustments. The Seller will stop and/or cancel any Order if requested by Metals Planet; provided that if the Seller has already transferred Products to the Logistics Partner, Metals Planet will use commercially reasonable efforts to stop and or cancel delivery by the Logistics Partner.

Customers who desire to cancel orders must do so through the cancellation process offered by the Website. The Seller shall not directly interact with a customer to cancel a transaction or otherwise process a cancellation, refund or return for a Material, except as is necessary to re-direct such customer from to the Website/Metals Planet.

The Seller shall refund payment or exchange the Materials if the Customer returns them within [•] days of purchase, provided:

  • it is in its original packaging and condition, including all attachments, accessories and documentation;
  • it is unused

Returns and exchange requests for items purchased more than [•] days ago might incur collection, delivery and processing fees (Deemed Completion).

Refund Process

In the event the Customer contacts Metals Planet with respect to refund return of the Material, Metals Planet may issue refunds as a service to the Seller.

In the event the Customer contacts the Seller offline, with respect to the Material supplied by the Seller and seeks a refund or other adjustment, the Seller is obligated to refer such customer to Metals Planet, and authorize Metals Planet to determine and calculate the amount of all refunds and adjustments (including any taxes or other charges) or other amounts to be paid by Seller to such customers.

All payments to customers in connection with the Sellers’s transactions on the Website will be routed through Metals Planet or its designated Affiliates. Metals Planet will provide the refund payments to the applicable Customer and seek reimbursements from the Seller for all refunds. Alternatively, for each refund issue by Metals Planet, the Seller may grant Metals Planet a credit in an amount equal to the portion of the sales revenue for the applicable transaction.


Metals Planet/Website will have no responsibility or liability for any recalls of Materials sold through the Website. The Seller is solely responsible for any non-conformity or defect in, or any recall of Material(s) by the Customer. Metals Planet may at its discretion promptly remove any recalled Materials from the Website. The Seller shall notify the Website by e-mail at ______________________ of all Product recalls within 24 hours of becoming aware of the recall and will promptly provide the Website with all information reasonably requested regarding the recall

Customer Claims and Disputes

In the event Metals Planet informs the receipt of claim, chargeback or other dispute concerning one of the Orders through the Website, the Seller shall deliver any reasonable information Metals Planet requests to confirm that the Order was fulfilled in accordance with the Metals Planet Marketplace Agreement. In the event the Seller fails to comply with the aforesaid obligation, or failed to, or if the claim chargeback, or dispute is not caused by Metals Planet failure/ negligence in any manner whatsoever, the Seller shall indemnify Metals Planet for the amount of the customer purchase (including the Purchase Price and any taxes ) and all associated costs other payment processing, re-presentment and penalty fees associated with the original purchase and any chargeback or refund, in each case to the extent paid or payable by Metals Planet or its Affiliates.

Reserve Account

Metals Planet may require that the Seller establishes a separate reserve account to secure the performance of your obligations, in an amount determined by Metals Planet at it’s sole discretion. Without limiting the foregoing,